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Online detailing communities

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The amount of detailing communities today is huge, but there are some that are bigger then other, exist for longer or have a very specific audience. Although the list below will change many times, it will at least give you a direction where to start looking.


Fora communities

This list only shows the international fora. There are also general car-fora with a detailing section, but those are not taking into account for this list.

*the numbers in this list where accurate at the time of writing.

Name Website Amount of members Most online
DetailingWorld 88702 4996
DetailingBliss 14389  
Autogeek 74721 21031
Autopia 91501 5308
Chemical Guys 3715 316
Detailing Nation 1774 440
Meguiars 50117 3882
Detailers and Valeters 406 109
Detailparadise ???? 640

Facebook communities

*The numbers in this list where accurate at the time of writing.

Name Amount of members
Detailing Central 3307
Detailing Addicts 19692
Detailing for Dummies 9270
Detailing Lifestyle Club 172
Detailing North West 213
Detailing Lounge 1143
Detailing Deals UK 2697
Everything Detailing 1402
Obsessed Garage 21222
Detailing HQ 363
Detailing World 332
Dennison Does Details 1646
Detailing for Money 1062
Detailing Near You 333
Detailer Buddies 2387
Detailing Videos 783
International Detailing 4083
Detailing for Profit 1074
Detailing4Life 135
Diamong Detailing 2400
Autodetailing The Next Level 1228
Detailing Passion 454
Detailed Bodywork 834
Specialist Detailers and Valeters around the world 596
Detail World 3644
Car Detailing Pros 1249
The Detailing Experience 573
International Detailing 876
Detail Mafia 732
Advanced Detailing 430
Detailing Mafia Family 3132
Car Care Enthusiasts 7927
Automotive Detailing (International) 3140
Detailing 101 By Autogeek 671
Meguiars Pro Detailers 723

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