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Using social media marketing

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Marketing is basic need when you have your own company. It helps to get your name out there, but also to attract new customers. Smart use of digital marketing can result in many new customers, which are all word-to-mouth candidates.

2 types of social media marketing

There are several different types of social media marketing. But in general, you can divide those under 2 categories: aimed at conversion, aimed at interaction. Simply put the difference is whether you are focusing your campaign about getting customers that pay, or focusing on getting people to follow you. It may sound tempting to just look at customers that pay, but a bigger audience will also increase your reputation and chance of word-to-mouth. People who follow you on social media can also become paying customers on the long term.

Social media marketing aimed at conversion

When just focusing on conversion, you want to look at forms of marketing that gets you customers directly. Think about special deals, boosting posts, discounts and general advertising. These activities will get you customers on short term by creating a direct-engagement with the reader. They either buy something, or they don’t.

Keep in mind that you use the filters that are offered to reach the right people.

Social media marketing aimed at interaction

Increasing your reputation will convince long time followers how good you are. They will become a customer because you convinced them about your skill and level of service. This is a very passive form of marketing but one that can be very effective on the long term. Because people how come to the conclusion that you are the best choice by themselves, they will more easily spread the word about you and recommend you. They will also trust you in your work, which makes dealing with that type of customer an enjoyable experience. Making your job more pleasant.

When thinking about interaction you will want to use activities that either asks for engagement or passively shows the customer what you are capable of. An example would be: competitions, posting pictures of special work you have done, showing what type of things you for the community (like sponsoring a good cause or local event), posting pictures with an explanation of how to fix and/or prevent things. This type of action require a lot of time, but they can have a big impact on your reputation. Don’t forget to interact with your followers and reply on comments. The term “social” in “social media” is not just for fun.

Filters to keep in mind

Whatever type of marketing you use (a combination of both would be best), you need to know where your customers are. Many social media platforms offer various way of filtering the correct user to reach. For example: if you only offer your service in a certain area, don’t advertise to everybody in your country. If you offer detailing services, don’t advertise to people under the age of 18.
There are many filters to keep in mind. Setting all these filters correctly will decrease your cost, and increase the amount of people that become a customer after seeing your ad (this is called: “conversion-ratio”). Creating an effective ad will give you a better return on the money spent on advertising.

  • Country: unless your ad is aimed at everybody in the world, set the filter to people in the correct country
  • Language: this will help to prevent reaching out to people who don’t speak your language and can’t read your ad or website
  • Age: think carefully about the age range where most of your customers are. Don’t include that rare 80-year old customer you might perhaps attract, but focus on the group where your biggest audience is
  • Keywords: if you offer detailing services, there is no point showing your ad when somebody is looking for a new television. Set your keywords to relevant terms that are relevant for the service you offer
  • Area: with some platforms, you can include a certain area and a range around that area. If this is relevant for you, make sure you set this up right. Otherwise you might get phone calls from customers that are to far away for you. Always try to prevent to have to say “no”
  • Image or text: images work better then text, but they have to be clear and readable. Getting a designer involved might cost a bit more, but you will learn from their work and will get more engagement
  • Budget: the cost of your ad will differ per type of campaign you are going to do, you can either set the amount of money you want to pay per day or the total budget. Start out low and monitor every day how things go. If you have set up all these filters properly, you will get more customers from every click on your ad
  • Gender: your biggest audience might be women, or men. Think about your biggest audience and focus on the right one
  • Connections: you might notice that most of your potential customer are either a member of a certain group (or groups) or all share the same common interest. Setting this up correctly will attract the right sort of people

Downsides of attracting the wrong people

Apart from the added cost involved in getting clicks or likes from people who will not be your customer, you can also get flooded with “social scavengers”. These are social media members that are only looking for competition, give aways and like-and-shares to win free stuff. They will never be your customer, nor will they spread the word about you. They just want to win. These members often have several accounts to increase their chance of winning something.

Why all those numbers don’t mean a thing

Some companies can brag about how many followers they have on social media. This used to be a big thing, but has proven to be irrelevant in many cases. You are better off with 1000 followers that are truly interested in you, then 10.000 followers that don’t even look at your posts. Placing an ad in social media that gets 1000 clicks, which doesn’t turn into a single customer, has just cost you a lot of money with no extra income. Big numbers are always good fun, but keep in mind that the only thing that counts is the result from your action. The ratio between the amount of clicks (or cost) and the customers it has generated.

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