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Blackfire is an American manufacturer of detailing products. They operate from Stuart, Florida and are part of the Palm Beach Motoring Group.

Blackfire’s history

Blackfire, also known as “Blackfire Wax” or “Blackfire Car Care”, wax created in the 1990’s by car enthusiasts. The drive to create more gentle product, with upheld performance led them to create the Blackfire range of products. Less of the harsh solvents, and more environmentally friendly products that perform. The cutting edge technology and ingredients used in Blackfire products are sourced from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the US. They focus on using the best technology available to uphold the highest standards. 2003 saw the birth of the Blackfire website.
Blackfire is currently owned by Palm Beach Motoring Group, who also own various other detailing brands.

Blackfire’s products

Blackfire offers a wide variety of products, including wax, sealant, dressing, fabric protection, quick detailer, shampoo, glass cleaner, waterless wash, polish, clay, clay lube, leather cleaner and several accessories. They also offer complete kits for washing, polishing or protecting.

Satisfaction guarantee

A quote from the Blackfire website sums it up nicely:
We want you to be 100% thrilled with your shopping experience and every product you buy. If we make a mistake, we fix it! If you don’t like a product, we’ll replace it or refund your money. It’s that simple!

Company information

Blackfire has its own company website. They are not very active on social media, message boards or detailing related fora. Blackfire isn’t often seen on car meetings or detailing related events. Unless represented by a reseller and/or distributor.

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