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Bouncer’s is a brand from England that started out as an idea for homebrewing and resulted in a small company that sells wax, QD, shampoo and dressing. The company was founded in 2010 and is still going strong.


How it all started

Jay Sultan is the man behind Bouncer’s, who started homebrewing after reading some topics from Ben “Rubbishboy” Boulton on the Detailingworld forum. He got creative and started homebrewing. Eventually he ended up with a pretty decent recipe when hitting number 22. This prototype was also sent to Dom Colbeck from Dodo Juice, who gave his honest opinion and helped Jay to fine tune his recipe. This resulted in Bouncer’s #22, which was sold via Dodo Juice under their Independent White Label. Bouncer’s #22 was a direct hit with the Dodo fans and the people who followed Jay’s homebrewing topic. The first few prototypes where sent out as samples in a tin jar and a wooden jar. There have also been made 3 tupperware jars that got sent out to detailers to try.

How Bouncer’s has grown

After #22, Jay created a few more waxes, such as: Vanilla Ice, Capture the Rapture, Sherbet Fizz, Fortify, Salute the Fruit, Looking Sweet and his flagship: Blue Lagoon. He also created Satsuma Rock, which was also sold via Dodo Juice under their Independent White Label. From 2015 onwards Jay also created a shampoo (Slick Mick), QD (Done and Dusted) and a dressing (Dress to Impress). He also sells microfiber towel, applicator pads and detailing brushes. He also sells Bouncer’s apparel via Spreadshirt. It is very likely that there will be lot more products to follow.
Bouncer’s is known to make a few limited waxes a year, such as the Waxstock Edition (for Waxstock), Tiny Time, Bouncer #22 in a big jar, Christmas Wax (together with ODK) and a few more. Many of his commercially available wax products are also sold via the Black Label Series, which means you get a very fancy glass jar and a stylish label. The wax inside is the same as the regular product.

Where to find Bouncer’s

Bouncer’s is located in Milton Keynes and has a company website. His products are mostly sold via resellers all around the world. He is present on Facebook, visits a fair few fora on a regular basis, can be found at meetings and events and can be approached directly via e-mail or private messages on a forum or Facebook.

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