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DLS Valeting Products UK

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DLS Valeting Products UK is an English manufacturer of detailing products, these products are being offered through 5 different ranges: Celectro, OnItsArse, Detailed Online, Car Couture and Mirror Image. The company is based in Huddersfield, United Kingdom.


DLS Valeting Products UK history

Very little information can be found online regarding the history or the background of Detailed Online. The company website doesn’t offer any background information and it seems there is not much history to be found either. This article will be edited when more information becomes available. The company appears to be owned by David Smith.

Detailed Online products

The assortment of products offered by Detailed Online is large enough to include almost all stages of the detailing process. Through the 5 different ranges of products, the company can offer products for almost all processes within the detailing steps. Including, shampoos, TFR’s, snowfoam, dressing, wax, coating, tools, merchandise and others.

Company information

Detailed Online has its own company website, and is fairly active on social media. The brand is sparingly seen on detailing related fora or message boards. The brand is not often seen on detailing related events or meetings, but this might chance due to the company being fairly young.

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