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Dutch Blue

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Dutch Blue was a Dutch manufacturer of wax, born out of a hobby for home brewing. Although the company hasn’t been active for a while, the brand still exists. They released 2 wax and a hybrid prototype before they became inactive.


The products

Dutch Blue started out with 1 product, Neon Glow. A synthetic wax with a neon-green color with a slight glow-in-the-dark effect. Although the wax was sold a few times, it didn’t get the attention it required. The next products where a gel-like wax product called Yello, and a SiO2 enriched wax/sealant hybrid prototype that was only referred to as “Shield”. Both products didn’t reach enough potential customers.

The history of Dutch Blue

Dutch Blue was founded in early 2014 after several months of research and development that was preceded by a long time of home brewing. When the first few prototypes where tested by professional detailers, and found to be very good performing, the brand choose to launch their official first product. Unfortunately, the public attention it got was to small to really get the product off the ground. After about a year, Dutch Blue announced that they would stop business for now, and keep developing in the background.

Dutch Blue was the first Dutch company to make and sell their own wax. And was the second company from The Netherlands to make/sell their own detailing products.

Company information

Dutch Blue used to have a website, but that has been taken offline. The Facebook group and company page have been removed. They don’t seem to be reachable directly. It is unclear who was behind Dutch Blue and it is unknown when they will return. There used to be a Facebook page for those who wanted to buy another jar of their wax.

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