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KRÜGER GmbH is the company behind the brand: Detail Passion and is a German manufacturer of detailing products. Apart from manufacturing, the company also sells their own products alongside several other products in their own online webshop or offline walk-in shop. The company might be better known for their online shop: Chemical Shark.

KRÜGER GmbH history

KRÜGER GmbH was founded over 30 years ago. Although an exact year is not mentioned, the company must be at least from around 1990. KRÜGER GmbH actually focusses on spareparts and accessories for motorcycles, scooters and small company vehicles. Detail Passion is the youngest division of the company that aims at the maintanence of these vehicles and can also refer to the maintenance of automotive vehicles. The current director is Stephan Baum and has opened an offline shop of 150 quare meters. The website also mentions the creation of a local detailing workshop where trainings and courses can be held. There is very little information to be found regarding the creation of the company and its origin.

KRÜGER GmbH products

Although Krüger GmbH mainly focusses at parts for motorcycles, the sister-company: Chemical Shark offers detailing products that sells various brands. Detail Passion is the inhouse brand from Chemical Shark itself and offers several different products such as: drying towel, washmitt, applicators, polishing pads, buckets and more. Apart from Detail Passion, the company sells Sonax, Meguiars, Gyeon, CarPro, Dr Wack, Koch Chemie, Surf City Garage, Angelwax, Bilt Hamber, Optimum, Valet Pro, P&S Sales and Gloria.

KRÜGER GmbH company information

KRÜGER GmbH and Chemical Shark has its own company website and is moderatly active on social media. The brand is not often seen on detailing related meetings or events and is not often mentioned on detailing fora or message boards. The website is only available in German which gives the impression that the company is not active outside of Germany.

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