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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

DetailingWiki is a free place where detailers and enthusiasts alike can get information on any subject related to detailing/valeting.
You are free to link to this website, quote it on fora, refer to it on social media etc. We are here to offer information, which can help people to learn. And information should be shared, for free.

You are also able to suggest edits, however, you’re changes will have to be approved by an admin or moderator.
When you suggest an edit, your suggestion will be reviewed by an admin or moderator before it will be made public. You can suggest an edit by clicking “Edit page” in the menu on the left.

How we use and process data

DetailingWiki tries to adapt to the visitor, which means that we use several tools to give us better insight in the behaviour of our customers. No personal data is collected via this way, only variables such as “keywords used, country of origin, length of time spent on a page” etc. To make this possible, we need to place a cookie-file on your computer, something that is done by almost all website on the internet. You can delete these cookies yourself via the settings of your browser.

Tools we use that collect data:

Google Analytics,
Google Analytics gives us insight into the length of time you spent on our website and on a specific page. We can’t trace this information back to you. We can only see that a certain number of visitors have spent a certain amount of time on a certain page. Your IP address is altered before it is sent to the Google server to prevent the saving of your unique IP address.

Search function
The search function at the top of the page is being monitored. Every searchword entered is saved, so we can see what topics are popular and what topics don’t give any result. The searchwords that don’t give any results are being saved in a special page so we can see if we need to write an article on that topic. No other data apart from the keyword is saved in any way.

The contact forms
We have 2 different contact forms on our website, the information you enter in this form is being sent via the webserver to our inbox where we can open and read the e-mail. The e-mails are only saved if we think it needs to be saved for future use. All e-mails that don’t require saving are deleted from the mailserver. No information you ever enter via the contact forms is ever used for any commercial end. Pure and only to communicate with you if needed.

The newsletter
If you sign up to the newsletter, we sent this information to MailChimp that collects and saves your name and e-mailaddress. When a new article is published, we sent an automatic note to MailChimp so this new article gets e-mailed to all our subscribers. You can unsubscribe at any time via the link in the bottom of the e-mail. Those e-mails are never used for anything else but the newsletter.

Push Service
When you visit our website for the first time, you get a pop-up regarding you wanting to receive notifications. This service is used to let you know we published a new article without you haveing to be on our website. This happens through your browser and can be deactivated at any time via the setting of your browser.

Social Media buttons
On the buttom of every article you’ll see social media buttons. These can be used to share an article on your social media page. No data is collected via this way.

We have an advertising banner on our page that is linked to Google AdWords. This little box on the left side of the page shows ads that are sent to use via AdWords. We don’t collect any data via this channel, Google has certain information about you from other websites and previous behavious on other website that is being used to show you relevant ads.

How to be removed

The only information we gather is when you use the contact form on this website. If you want your e-mail removed from our webserver, you need to let us know. You can tell us by sending us an e-mail. We will remove your previous mails and the one where you request the removal. We will reply to let you know everything has been removed.
Any information from Google that you want to see removed can be done via the Opt-Out from Google itself:

Who we are?

DetailingWiki is part of Car Care Nederland and originates from The Netherlands. Although most of our writers and editors come from the UK, DetailingWiki is a Dutch foundation aimed at the free sharing of information regarding the wonderful world of detailing. We simply aim to provide information, we don’t have any commercial gain in mind. Any money made from the ads on this website are used to pay for the hosting of the website.


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