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DetailingWiki is a Wikipedia-style website setup by detailers, for detailers. The purpose of this website is to offer people worldwide free information and guides regarding the world of detailing. The contents of DetailingWiki is organic, which means it changes all the time. Improvements are made 24/7, and every user has the ability to contribute to that.

Just like the real Wikipedia, this website is independent and free. We don’t accept money or other offers from manufacturers, detailing companies or anything else. We don’t have sponsors, refuse to highlight anybody/anything/any product/any company in return for something. We offer information, free, non-biased, independent and with love for our hobby.

Please don’t be put off by our very humble size. We are working hard to grow, adding articles, functionality and gathering more knowledge.

How can you help?

Skilled writers/detailers can be invited to join the DetailingWiki Project, which is the organization behind written and judging the articles on this website. You can ask to join. If you are a good and experienced writer/detailer, we will approve you. The DetailingWiki Project is run via a Facebook group. Every visitor also has the ability to make suggestions, however, your changes will have to be reviewed by an administrator or moderator before these changes are accepted. You can do this via the “Edit page” option in the menu on the left.


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