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Air Force One Detailing Team

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The Air Force One Detailing Team is a collection of trained detailers under the guidance of Renny Doyle who have the task to keep the presidential Air Force One jet in tip-top shape. The plane has retired at the Seattle Museum of Flight and is treated annually to keep it in pristine condition.


Air Force One jet

There is one aircraft that has the purpose of carrying the American president to certain destinations. The official Air Traffic Control sign for this aircraft is “Air Force One”, but the plane itself has changed over the years. What started with a Douglas Dolphin in 1933 changed to a VC-118, a VC-121, a Boeing 707 and eventually a Boeing 747-8 that is being retrofitted for use in the future. The airplane houses several different rooms and features, giving the president the luxury of a flying office wherever he goes.
There have been several different airplanes that served as the official Air Force One. Some of these are on display, such as the ones at the Seattle Museum of Flight. The purpose is to preserve these planes for future generations, and for interested people to see how the presidents used to travel over vast distances.

The team of detailers

The crew responsible for the preservation of the iconic presidential airplane has grown over the years from just a handful into a crew of 60 experienced detailers who gather to keep all planes in perfect shape. The size of the crew, its individual members and the planes that are being worked on differ per period, but most planes require to be worked on on a very regular basis. The crew-members are generally considered to be the rockstars of the detailing world, and having been in one of the teams often result in a certain amount of credit that helps the detailer grew professionally. These teams are guided by several experienced supervisors, but are being controlled by Renny Doyle.

Renny Doyle

The first person contacted by the Bush Administration for the preservation and cosmetic enhancement was airplane-detailer Renny Doyle. After becoming a well known aircraft detailer for several different parties in the aerospace preservation field, he was asked to work on one of the past Air Force One planes by the Museum of Flight and the Bush Administration. Over the years, the jobs carried out by Renny Doyle became too extensive for him to carry on his own. A large team of enthusiastic detailers was formed over the years to keep these planes in good condition. The jobs of detailing the Air Force One aircrafts, including some very iconic flying pieces of history that can be found in the Museum of Flight have resulted in a firm reputation for Renny Doyle as the countries master detailer and a veteran aircraft-detailing specialist.

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