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Farecla is a manufacturer of detailing products located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The company has a range of products aimed at refining and perfecting surfaces in several different ways.


Farecla products

The range of products offered by Farecla is aimed at refining surfaces. The company offers products such as compounds, polishes, glazes, waxes and tools to apply this products with. The most known products for the average consumer is probably Farecla G3 which is a liquid compounding agent. Farecla products are not only aimed at automotive detailing, but can also be used for marine, industrial, aerospace and valeting purposes.

Farecla history

Farécla was established in 1952 in England and currently offers their products in over 120 countries worldwide. The companies main goal has been aimed at achieving a brilliant final finish. The company has opened up offices in America, Germany and Singapore to further its development.
In 1934 Mr Rodney Alfred Hawkins started Broadfields Garage in Winchmore Hill, England. The company was doing great until the start of the second world war in 1939, when the garage was transformed into a factory to produce products that aided the war. This led to the Broadfields Garage and Engineering Company Limited in 1941. Only 3 years later, the divisions split up with two different locations. During the years between 1945 and 1947 both business grow rapidly in the field of engineering at one location, and extended distribution of vehicles at the other location. The company started the distribution of motoring accessoiries in 1948. The first items included “Per Fit” branded seat covers, roller type radiator blinds and fog lamp brackets. When Georges Fevrier approached Rod Hawkins in 1952 to distribute polishing products, it ended up with Broadfields not only distributing but also manufacturing these polishing products. The brandname Farécla originates from the French words for “shining” and “bright”.
In 1953 to 1954 the company sold its products in England, compromising out of G1, G2, G3 and the new Polish No. 2. In the same year, the products where offered to markets in Finland, Netherlands and New Zealand. The company pulled slowly away due to continued growth in the following years, which resulted into going into its own premises in Hertfordshire in 1970.

Company information

Farecla is moderatly active on social media and has its own company website. The brand is not very active on message boards or detailing fora and is rarely seen on car care related events and meetings. The brand is being sold in many different countries around the world and is most likely represented by a distributor or reseller when seen on an event or meeting.

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