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Plasti Dip is an American manufacturer of several different types of plastic/rubber coating type products. The brand originates from 1972 and has gathered worldwide recognition with its main product: Plasti Dip aerosol spray.


Plastidip or Plasti Dip

Although Plastidip might be the most used name, the correct name of the product is actually Plasti Dip. The company and its main product share the same name. The main product has been the backbone behind the company since its foundation in the early ’70s.

Plasti Dip history

Plasti Dip was founded by Robert Haasl and started out in the end of 1972 as Plasti Dip International in Minnesota, America. The company started out producing, researching and developing “plastic in aerosol” products and solutions, also referred to Plastisol. The company started with the production of handle grips and chain saw scabbards. Not long after the first air-dry DIY rubberized coating was invented. This became known as Plasti Dip. The company continued to develop (among others): 3-way racket spray for leather sport grips, Super Grip, Vinyl Leather Repair, Water Guard and Water Bed Repair Kits. The use of international sale channels such as ACE Hardware, Sears and others gave Plasti Dip international fame and recognition. Plasti Dip in its current form was developed and produced in the period between 2010 and 2015 as a easy and creative way to customize paintcolor with a peelable, flexible spray-on coating.

Plasti Dip products

Plasti Dip International is the company name, which has also been given to the best selling product that was the foundation of the company during its formation. The company has ventured into other products such as spray-on insulation, dishwasher rack repair kit and others. However, Plasti Dip is the main products used in the world of detailing, tuning and car care. Another division of Plasti Dip Internationa (Performix Coatings) is aimed at the industrial market with high-end industrial plastic coating solutions.
Plasti Dip is made and sold in many different shapes and forms. The product can be made in vertually any color and offers the choice between different types of finishes. It is most often used to give a surface a peelable, colored coating that also offers protective properties. This can be used to give a vehicle a new color paintwork that is easily removed when needed.

Company information

Plasti Dip International has its own company website. The brand is not very often seen on detailing or car care related events or meetings, unless represented by a reseller or distributor. The company has resellers and dsitribution channels to almost every corner of the world. The company is not active on message boards or fora, but is likely to be discussed by previous users.

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