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Castle Products

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Castle Products is the product line from Finger Lakes and is a reseller and manufacturer from New York, America that offers a range of products aimed at detailing products, car care products and even engine additives. The brand also offers certain services on location for car maintenance.

Castle Products

Castle products doesn’t just cater for the professional car cleaning market, but also offers products such as automotive additives, cleaners and even janitorial products. The company itself also offers services on location, these include services such as fuel services, oil services, airconditioner service, battery service, brake service and power steering services. There detailing supply offers a range of different dressings, waxes and polishing compounds, undercoatings and even paint.

Castle products history

Castle Products has made a fair bit of development since they where founded in 1967.

1967 – February 22 Finger Lakes Chemical (dba) is founded by Ewald (Wal) Blatter.
1969 – “2-22” All Purpose Cleaner introduced as one of America’s 1st “Biodegradable – Phosphate Free” All Purpose Cleaners!
1970 – Castle Products, Inc. is founded by four equal partners: Larry Cicino, Richard Conner, Perry Vacca & Blatter.  Cicino is voted 1st President.
1979 – Finger Lakes Expands Operation to 418 St. Paul Street (40,000 Sq. Ft.).
1988 – Finger Lakes expands operation with a southern tier warehouse in Watkins Glen, NY.
1989 – Finger Lakes expands operation (80,000 Sq. Ft.) now 418-424 St. Paul Street.
1989 – Finger Lakes / Castle product lines marketed as “Finger Lakes System Chemistry” (FLSC).
1989 – Finger Lakes Environmentally Conscious symbol is Registered.
1990 – Finger Lakes Safer Stuff™ USDA “Authorized.”
1992 – American Corridor Corp. is founded to facilitate international trade.
1992 – Robin Doris Blatter is named 1st President of American Corridor.
1993 – OSHA’s “Preferred Method” for cleaning brake parts: The Finger Lakes T-Machine.
1994 – US Department of Defense Issues National Stock Numbers (NSN) to FLSC.
1995 – Finger Lakes / Castle expands warehouse and office in Cleveland / Youngstown, OH.
1996 – Delphi “Recommends” Castle Cleans-Rite™.
1997 – FLSC’s 2nd St. Paul Expansion Completed – St. Paul Street Plant (100,000 Sq. Ft.).
1997 – Hans C. Blatter named President.
1998 – FLSC breaks ground for Castle Hi-Tech Training Center, Erie, PA.
1999 – Environmental Award from Erie County, NY to FLSC for Lowering County Pollution Levels (Formula-T & T-Machine).
1999 – Castle’s Ultimate Tune Up® Field Testing in US, PR, & Canada; 1,000 Vac-U-Power® Tools in Field;10,000 Vehicles Cleaned Successfully.
2000 – Award From Monroe County Environmental Council for “Biodegradable & Phosphate Free” Environmentally Conscious Cleaners & Degreasers.
2000 – Monroe County (NY) Fleet Testing Started 08/01/00. Tests are ongoing!
2001 – Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) approve Castle Dragon Power™.
2001 – Castle “OCTA-Book” of Automotive Services released as a sales support tool outlining the Castle Automotive Service Kit Program.
2002 – Racing Team Captain Andy Santerre wins NASCAR BNS Championship.
2002 – Castle POWER® Octane & Power Booster granted registration mark.
2002 – Castle granted a US Patent for the Castle Vac-U-Power® Tool.
2002 – Castle awarded Monro Muffler, Brake & Service’s “Vendor Excellence Award.”
2003 – Additional land purchased for expansion of the St. Paul St. plant in Rochester, NY.
2003 – Andy Santerre wins 2nd straight NASCAR BNS Championship.
2004 – Castle strengthens factory-direct service in VT, NH, ME, and MA.
2004 – Andy Santerre wins 3rd straight NASCAR BNS Championship.
2005 – Castle® strengthens factory-direct service in NY, PA, OH, and FL.
2005 – Andy Santerre wins record-breaking 4th consecutive NASCAR BNS Championship.
2006 – Castle continues relationship with Andy Santerre Motorsports (ASM) and 2005 BNS Rookie of the Year driver Sean Caisse.
2006 – Castle® 5 Star™ granted EPA Registration (#019420014)
2006 – Castle® Diesel Power™ granted EPA Registration (#019420015)
2007 – Castle introduces patented Waterless Foaming Hand Sanitizer™ to the line.
2007 – Castle continues with ASM, who fields a car for Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Development Driver Jeffry Earnhardt.
2008 – Andy Santerre and Castle team up for the 7th straight year, fielding a car for Richard Childress Development Driver Austin Dillon.
2008 – Castle wins Monro Muffler, Brake & Service: “Vendor of the Year” Award!
2009 – Castle® creates Clunker Bomb™ as part of the US Government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program.
2009 – Castle® continues relationship with Andy Santerre Motorsports and driver Brett Moffitt
2010 – Castle® develops new Automotive Service Kits & extends the Hand Cleaner line of products. Corporate sales again set record highs.
2010 – Andy Santerre becomes the Director of Competition for Revolution Racing and the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program. His 16-year-old Development Driver, Darrell Wallace, Jr., wins Rookie of the Year in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, becoming the youngest to win in series history. Wallace, Jr., with Castle® on the hood, also became the first African American to win a NASCAR K&N Pro Series event and the first NASCAR Diversity Driver to win in the series.
2011 – Castle® announces their revolutionary new dealer support system. The WCSR (Weekly Castle Service Report) program is launched at specific New Car Dealers from Maine to Florida.
2011 – WCSR Program is “Nationally Certified” by both APD and Reynolds & Reynolds.
2012 – Andy Santerre and Castle team up for the 11th straight year, fielding two cars for Hattori Racing Enterprises. Castle will also be a part of all NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Rev Racing teams.
2013 – Castle® Highway 95™ introduced to help solve the ethanol fuel problems in today’s vehicles.
2013 – Two-time AMA Grand National Champion and AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductee Randy Goss joins the Castle Dealer Support Team.
2014 – Finger Lakes/Castle “Best of Rochester Award” In The Specialty Cleaning Category.
2014 – Plans are on the way for “Building #8”, stay tuned.
2015 – Drive for Diversity Driver Daniel Suarez is the first Mexican born NASCAR Sunoco Rookie of the Year.
2016 – 2-22-16 Celebrates Finger Lakes 50th Year in Business.
2016 – Architectural plans underway for building #8 to expand the Castle Campus.
2017 – 2-22-17 Marks Finger Lakes’ 50th Anniversary.
2017 – Syracuse, NY – Building and land purchased for Central New York growth.

Were to get Castle Products

Castle Products are sold from their own website, but can also be bought via one of their retailers/resellers. These are (at the time of writing): Ace Hardware, Delta Sonic, Kinney Drugs, CarQuest, Parts Plus, NAPA, Wegmans, Johnstons RV country, Aubuchon Hardware, Tops and Soule’s Auto Supply.

Company information

Castle products is located in New York, America and has its own company website. The brand is not very active on social media and is not often seen on detailing fora or car care related message boards. The brand is not overly active on car care meetings or detailing events.

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