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Palm Beach Motoring Group

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Palm Beach Motoring Group, or PBMG, is the largest car care manufacturer, reseller and distributor in America. The company is owned by Vision Investments LLC. and is located in Florida, USA.

Palm Beach Motoring Group history

Palm Beach Motoring Group was set up by Bob McKee in 1996 as PBMA (Palm Beach Motoring Accessories). The company has grown with large amounts in its lifetime. It expanded its base of operations in 2008, 2010 and 2011. Ending up with a total space of 29.000 square feet.
On November 4, 2016 PBMG was aqcuired by the Vision Investment LLC. company. Owner Tony George, who personally meet PBMG’s founder Bob McKee has said that McKee will remain managing consultant at PBMG. Palm Beach Motoring Group has not changed its name.
One of its most well known employees, Mike Philips, was brought into the company in late 2009. He worked at Meguiar’s at that time.

PBMG activities and brands

Brands owned by PBMG:

  • Pinnacle Natural Brilliance
  • Pinnacle Black Label Collection
  • Wolfgang Concours Series
  • Speed Master
  • The Belt
  • Blackfire
  • McKee’s 37
  • McKee’s RV
  • Marine 31

They own websites/communities as:

  • Autogeek
  • Autopia-carcare
  • Car Wax blog
  • The websites belonging to the brands listed above

They are active in the fields of:

  • Research and development of products
  • Manufacturering and selling products
  • Distributing products
  • Offering wharehouse and logistic solutions
  • Re-tail and E-commerce
  • Community and Social Media
  • Event management
  • Training and How-To videos

They are the leading part behind events as:

  • SEMA
  • Detail Fest

Shows by Palm Beach Motoring Group

Tv shows by PBMG (partly or whole):

  • Competition Ready
  • Two Guy’s Garage
  • My Classic Car
  • Autogeek YouTube channel
  • Truck U
  • Motorhead Garage
  • Whats In The Garage?

Company information

PBMG owns its own company website and is a frequent visitor at car care events, detailing meetings or large car venues. The company is very active on social media and plays a big part in the detailing business in America. The headquarters of Palm Beach Motoring Group is located in Stuart, Florida and offers a large store with products off the shelve.

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