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Angelwax is an Scotland based manufacturer of automotive detailing products. They offer a range of different products, from wax to shampoo. Angelwax is only one of a few manufacturers from Scotland.


Angelwax started out in 2006 as a small detailing product manufacturer with just a handfull of products. After a while they slowly started to expand which eventually resulted in a collection of products that includes wax, sealants, shampoos and more. The main aim of Angelwax lies within creating products that look good, perform good and offer ease of use.
Whats unique about Angelwax is that the company was setup by chemists who worked together for over 25 years in the chemical industry

The products

The collection of products made and/or sold by Angelwax varies from protective products, cleaners and light correction. As one of the few, Angelwax also offers specialized products for matte wraps and matte paint.

Images of the brand

Angelwax typically uses dark label with a logo that contains wings. Some might see this is a link to the gothic culture, which is not reflected in the rest of their branding. Although Angelwax is considered to be fairly young, they have shown impressive growth in the last few years. They don’t spent a lot of time/money in marketing, which proves that the brand can rely on its reputation alone.

Company information

Angelwax has a company website, has several distributors and re-sellers in several places in the world, is active on different social media channels and can be found at some major detailing events. Although they have a reputation of having a good customer service, they can sometimes be difficult to get a hold of. If you have the possibility, contacting the re-seller/distributor will most likely result in a faster answer. Angelwax is an infrequent visitor on fora, but it is likely that there will be members who have experience with the brand.

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