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Fireball is a relatively young brand of detailing products microfiber towels from South Korea. The brand mainly focuses its products around polymer technology, sometimes combined with wax. The vast majority of their products are also in liquid form.


Unique about Fireball

Something that stands out a lot about Fireball is the fact that 90% of the products are liquids in bottles. Even the protective products, which are often in past form, are in liquid form. At the time of writing, the only commercially available product that is not in a liquid form is Fireball Fushion Wax.

Their products

Fireball sells several types of products, dressings, wax, sealants, fallout removers, shampoo, snowfoam and a few different types of cleaners. The vast majority is sold in either a small bottle (100 ml), a large bottle (500 ml), a very large bottle (1000 ml) or a jug (5000 ml).

Fireball and the www

Fireball had its own company website and there is an UK distributor. Fireball itself isn’t active on social media, but their distributors often are. Fireball itself isn’t found on meetings or car events either, but the resellers and/or distributors often are.

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