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Common used abbreviations and acronyms

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Within the world of detailing, there are quite a lot of abbreviations. These are often used on the internet to shorten a piece of text. A few of these are actually so common that people even use them in speech. One of these is QD. This abbreviations is used on the internet and many people actually call it a QD when they are talking about the product. Not all of them are very popular. Some are so popular that even manufacturers started using them. DA is one of these abbreviations. This stands for Dual Action, which got shortened to DA. And several manufacturers actually use the term DA these days. Because not everybody knows what these abbreviations mean, we created the tooltip. When you hover with the mouse over one of these abbreviations you get to see a tooltip with the explanation.

This list will get updated automatically when we add new abbreviations to the database.
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  • ABS = Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or Anti-lock Braking System
  • PVC = PolyVinylChloride, a type of plastic
  • IDA = The International Detailing Association
  • ODM = Original Design Manufacturer
  • OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • WHMIS = Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
  • PSDS = Product Safety Data Sheet
  • SDS = Safety Data Sheet
  • MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet
  • µm = Micrometer
  • mu = Micrometer
  • PTG = Paint Thickness Gauge
  • PTFE = PolyTetraFluoreTheen
  • ONR = Optimum No Rinse
  • ODK = Obi-Dan Karnubi
  • AF = Auto Finesse
  • 3BM = 3 Bucket Method
  • 2BM = 2 Bucket Method
  • TFR = Traffic Film Remover
  • PDG = Paint Depth Gauge (same as PTG but wrong terminology)
  • FSP = First Step Product
  • IPA = IsoPropyl Acohol
  • PW = Power Washer or Pressure Washer
  • APC = All Purpose Cleaner
  • DA = Dual Action or (when discussing social media) Detailing Addicts
  • lbs = Pounds
  • BOB = Basics Of Bling
  • DAT = Diminishing abrasive Technology
  • SMAT = Super Micro abrasive Technology
  • LSP = Last Step Product
  • MF = Microfiber
  • RDS = Random Deep Scratch
  • T1 = The term used for the highest refined grade of Carnauba wax
  • QD = Quick Detailer
  • AIO = All In One
  • SCG = Surf City Garage

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