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Bowden’s own

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Bowden’s Own is an Australian manufacturer of detailing products and offers guides, hosts events and offers a wide range of information regarding detailing in general. The company is one of a few manufacturers from Australia.

Bowden’s Own history

In 1925, Frank Bowden started selling Australian made Fords in Dalby and later part-owned the first local Holden dealership in Nambour. This basis was the beginning of the passion for cars that would form David Bowden’s life and career. In the 1960’s, David moved around in nearby countries and had several different jobs, after a trip to Warwick Farm he become interested in a white ’65 Mustang, driven by the talented Ian ‘Pete’ Geoghegan. Dan Bowden was born in 1973, into a family with a car related history. Having restored a few very iconic cars, Dan became a collector of some very unique vehicles. These vehicles required attention and care, fuelling the quest for professional auto-detailing products. Having very high standards regarding the care for the unique vehicles, they started to investigate the chemical make up of the current products and found various areas where this could be improved. In 2000 the first batch of 4 products was finalized. Ready to properly take care of the vehicles within the collection.
In the following years, fanatics and fellow car enthusiasts started to inquire about the products that where used by Dan Bowden and his team. After handing out a few samples, customers kept asking for more, which lead to a development of a bespoke selection of car care products. 2002 was the year Bowden’s Own was born as a manufacturer of professional car care products. The brand started out with the Salt Free Auto Body Gel, and quickly expanded with a carnauba wax, pre-wax cleaner and a detailing spray. Ever since then the popularity of the products has grown, as has the assortment of products.

Bowden’s Own products

Althought Bowden’s Own started out with just a handful of products, it quickly grew and eventually become the wide assortment it is today. The current collection of products features detailing products for various steps and processes. The company even created a system that explains when to use what product. The website also offers a detailed explanation about what microfiber towel is best suited for what task/job. The current collection includes (but is not limited to) shampoo, wax, microfiber towel, snowfoam, dressing, clay, claylube, pre-wax cleaner, tar remover, bug-remover, metal polish, dressing, APC and various tools. The webshop also offers a section on merchandise.

Company information

Bowden’s Own has its own company website and is fairly active on social media. The company also organises events, creates guides and offers a wide variety of information regarding the detailing process in general. The company is only seen at detailing events in Australia.

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