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Surf City Garage

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Surf City Garage is an American manufacturer of automotive detailing products. The brand was born after the owner was not satisfied with the products he used for his 150 car collection of classics.

Surf City Garage history

Surf City Garage was bron from an idea in the early 1958 when Tim Miller’s father brought home a Chevrolet step-side pickup. The desire to keep the car in good condition where the first experiences for Tim with proper vehicle maintenance, both cosmetic as technical.
1970 saw the purchase of Tim’s first car, a 1967 Pontiac GTO, which was the first of many additions to the collection of the Surf City Garage American Muscle Car Collection.
To keep the cars in the collection in great shape, the quality of the products at that time wasn’t good enough. The quest for good products had started, which was the first sign of the Surf City brand for detailing products.
2007 was the year in which the first product was sold, even before the actual product was made. The Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade Detailing Products was born. The name is worldwide simply known as Surf City Garage.

Company information

Surf City Garage owns its own company website and is a frequent visitor at car care events in America. The company is moderately active on social media and plays a big part in the detailing business in America. The headquarters of Surf City Garage is located in Huntington Beach, California.

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