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Crankalicious is a brand of detailing products specifically aimed at the world of bicycles. The products they offer are designed for the materials and maintenance of bikes. The brand is located in Essex, United Kingdom and is a part of Dodo Juice.

History of the brand

Crankalicious is founded by Dom Colbeck and Tony Hetherington in 2016. Both guys have a passion for biking and detailing, and understand the frustration of a dirty bike. Dom combined his extensive wealth of knowledge with the expertise in the world of biking and detailing from Tony to create Crankalicious together. The brand was conceived in the early 2016, but didn’t go live on social media until june 2016 with a special introduction offer.

The products

Crankalicious started out with a fair few of products. When the webshop was launched it already contained a shampoo, cleaner, polish, degreaser, chain cleaner, leather cleaner and a sealant. The webshop also sells some tools such as swabs, buckets and a cordless machine polisher. In August 2016, just 2 months after the launch, they revealed a new hybrid wax and special chain grease. All the products are hand made in the UK and tested to perfection before anything is released.

Crankalicious and Dodo Juice

Although Crankalicious and Dodo Juice are connected, they are also very different and apart from each other. Dodo Juice aims at the world of automotive and bike detailing, while the new brands only focuses on bicycle detailing with some products to help in maintenance. Dodo Juice also holds a different mentality and tone-of-voice, whereas Crankalicious looks premium, A-grade with a serious tone-of-voice. The logo and product-labels also differ greatly. Apart from Dom’s involvement, this bicycle-orientated brand is very separate from Dodo Juice in many ways.

Company information

Crankalicious has its own company website and is active on social media. Both Dom and Tony can sometimes be found on detailing fora and social media. It is not yet known if the brand is planning to visit events and/or meetings. Both owners have proven themselves to be very approachable, friendly and focused on sharing their love for bicycle detailing/maintenance.

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