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Son1c Wax was founded by Drew Elias, based in Northern Virginia, New York, America, from his enthusiastic approach towards home-brewing. What once begun as a hobby eventually evolved in a brand of high quality wax.

Son1c Wax and history

Being inspired with the legendary home-brewing thread from Ben ‘Rubbishboy’ Boulton, Drew was intrigued about paste wax and how to make them. in June 2013 he took the plunge and started to have a play with ingredients, techniques, learning and pouring. Being a very active member on Autogeek, his home-brewing thread can still be found with a detailed tail of his ups and downs. Although the beginning wasn’t very easy, Drew persisted and with the help from several testers, he evolved his skills. Eventually his trials and errors resulted in the creation of a few promising protowaxes. The Waxatory, as Drew calls it, stepped up its game, and eventually gave birth to Carnaubavore. A wax that has earned a place with Drew’s followers.

The products

Son1c Wax focusses, at the time of writing, on wax and development of the core range. Although the most famous products are Carnaubavore and Phoenix, Drew is known to make special limited edition waxes for special occasions. A good example is the Aut1sm Car Wax, which he made together with his brother Brad. His own description from his website explains the extraordinary thought behind the product:

AUT1SM Wax by SON1C Wax is inspired by my younger brother, Brad who was diagnosed with Autism. I approached Brad about working with me to make a car wax and he was on board instantly. Brad has been the main developer of this wax since it’s inception, I have simply been the chemist working for him! Also huge appreciation to my graphic designer who insists to remain unnamed, without him this vision would have simply remained. . . a vision.
This wax is a limited edition release for 2015, and most importantly it has been created to promote Autism Awareness as April is Autism Awareness Month. 10% of the proceeds from each wax will be donated to the Autism Speaks foundation once all waxes have been allocated. This wax will launch with 60 waxes and if the continued interest is there, up to but no more than 96 waxes will be produced.

Another product worth mentioning is his Breast In Show wax, which is a tribute to breast cancer. 10% of the proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Son1c Wax and the WWW

Son1c Wax can be found at their company website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and even Instagram. Drew is known to be very approachable and likes to be directly connected with his customers. Drew is also an active member on Autogeek and a few different fora, and can be found at several different Facebook groups related to detailing.

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