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Stjärnagloss is a United Kingdom located manufacturer of detailing related products since early 2010. The brand started selling via Shinearama but after a quiet period relaunched the brand in 2019 with new products. The products with Scandinavian names might give a clue on the roots of the brand.

Stjärnagloss history

The excact date of the launch has not been found, but Stjärnagloss was first mentioned in January 2010 on DetailingWorld. In posts that soon followed after this date, the brand and its products are discussed several times. Shinearama seemingly was involved in the creation or launch of the product. The brand has since then been one of those brands that remained in the background, never being forgotten but also never getting the spotlight either. The official Stjärnagloss website confirms how the brand launched in 2010, being sold exclusively by Shinearama in the UK. When Shinearama closed its doors in late 2013 / early 2014, the brand fell even more to the background. 2019 saw the relaunch of a redesigned version of the brand. With updated products, new productlabels and a different marketingstructure to back it up. The relaunch was supported by DetailingWorld and several influencers on Social Media. It is unknown if Stjärnagloss changed owners, or simply decided to re-invent itself.

Stjärnagloss products

Stjärnagloss used a Scandinavian theme for its products, it is not sure whether the founder has any Scandinavian roots or why this theme was chosen. Products would also reflect this theme by using words that had an uncommon spelling. Examples are “Hjül” for its wheelcleaner, “Kokosnöt” for its snowfoam and “Gläsparla” for its sealant. The product range before the relaunch in 2019 was fairly simply, just the most common products such as: shampoo, wheel cleaner, sealant and glass cleaner. The product range after the 2019 relaunch included a wider range of products, maintaining the Scandinavian theme. These products include: shampoo, snowfoam, wheel cleaner, pre-cleaner, tar remover, glass cleaner, clay, polish, wax, sealant, dressing, QD and several tools and accessories. Productnames such as “Pärla”, “Fantastik”, “Skära”, “Fluffig”, “Snö”, “Matta” and “Först”.
A few names such as “Hjul” as actually remnant of the old product range, and seem to have been copied to the new product range.

Stjärnagloss relaunch and revamp

At the end of October 2019 Stjärnagloss released a new and redesigned product range. Several resellers and influencers pushed the brand in this period, presenting the brand as a new range of products. In this relaunch, the brand shows a completely redesign of the productlabel,

Stjärnagloss Fjuel Can
Stjärnagloss Fjuel Can
Part of the relaunch was a full kit including a fuel can, named the “Fjuel can” that is only available for those who earn it. The can can’t be bought, only earned by those who represent the brand on car shows and meetings. The website explained it as:

Gifted to the best show cars in the UK, representing Stjärnagloss.

Money can’t buy the Stjärnagloss Fjuel Can. Even if we could put a price on it, it’s not for sale.
You can only earn a Can by representing the Stjärnagloss brand at shows with a spectacular car.
If your unique build is on – or about to hit – the road, or you’re tired of your current sponsor, get in touch via our contact form.
Please note that these Fjuel Cans are strictly limited, so we will only be able to sponsor a fraction of the cars submitted.

Contains Snö 1 litre snow foam pre-wash, Bubblor gloss enhancing shampoo 500ml (or Matta for matt finish cars on request), Skära polish 500ml, Silke detailing spray 500ml, Gummi tyre and trim dressing 500ml, Glas glass cleaning spray 500ml, Tjära tar and bug remover 100ml, Inni interior cleaning spray 100ml, Först citrus pre-wash 100ml, Pärla spray sealant 100ml, Limited Edition Fjuel Can Fantastisk hybrid wax 100ml, Stjärnagloss air freshener, Stjärnagloss vinyl sticker.

Stjärnagloss and Dodo Juice

There has been a fair bit of speculation on the relationship between Stjärnagloss and Dodo Juice, Stjärnagloss decided to publish a video to explain how these 2 joined forces to benefit each other.

Old style productlabel Stjärnagloss
Old style productlabel Stjärnagloss

Company information

Stjärnagloss has it own company website and uses different Social Media channels. The brand is moderately active on Facebook or other channels, but this might increase due to the 2019 relaunch. The brand is not very active on detailing fora or message boards and is not often seen on detailing related events and meetings. Their presence is currently very moderate, but might increase considering the effort put in the relaunch.

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