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Dr Leather

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Dr Leather is a manufacturer of specializes leather care products. The company focuses strongly on leather, its care and maintenance. Their products can be used on car interiors but are also suited for other leather surfaces.

Dr Leather and its history

When Darryl Cassingham got into leather care, over 20 years ago, he realized that the world of detailing was missing out on some products that would make leather care and maintenance easier and better. After a period of testing and perfecting, he released his brand Dr Leather. And brand which is specifically aimed at the care for leather products. These products are not limited to leather used in cars, they can also be used on shoes, jackets, gloves and furniture. Dr Leather’s products aim at making leather care and its maintenance easier with better results.
Dr Leather is located in Somerset, United Kingdom. At the moment the brand is only offered within Europe.

The products

Dr Leather offers a small range of specialized products. The most known products are the leather cleaners and the dye block spray. This last one can prevent leather dye from wearing off to quickly and will help to form a barrier to jean-dye and other stains.

Company information

Dr Leather has its own company website, can be found on the major detailing events and/or meetings and is moderatly active on Facebook and other social media. They are not often seen on detailing fora but can be found in a few different webshops.

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