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Kenotek is a Belgium brand of detailing products owned by CID LINES. The brand aims at detailing products in large volumes for the professional detailer and car washes.

Kenotek and its products

Kenotek divides its products into 4 categories:

Nano is the branch of products that uses nano-technology to increase its performance and cleaning abilities. These are only available for the professional user.
Globo is the range for car washes and truck washes: high volume with decent performance.
Cargo offers products that are aimes at truck cleaning in particular. More heavy cleaning and at bigger volume.
Pro offers a variety of products in consumer friendly packaging.


Coming from an agricultural background, CID LINES formed Kenotek in 1999 after formulating carwash and truckwash products during its research and development for more hygiene transportation of livestock. The brand orignally aimed at cleaning and hygiene solutions in the world of farming, but got involved in high volume car and truck cleaning, forming Kenotek during this process. The brand uses the CID LINES network of distributors to get access to 96 countries across the world.

Company information

Kenotek is based in Belgium but has several resellers/distributors around the world. They have their own company website. Kenotek is not very active on social media, is very rarely found on detailing fora and is hardly ever seen on detailing events or meetings. They might be represented by resellers or webshops though.

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