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Microfiber Madness

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Microfiber Madness is a manufacturer of microfiber products. They specialize in towels and cloths and focus on creating high standard products that are the best in their field.


Microfiber Madness history

Microfiber Madness started out as a detailing company. Like most detailers, they go through many towels on an average day. Some towels impressed them, others got thrown away. In early 2009 they started to get deeper into the field of microfiber material, and started to see what people wanted. Soon after they started contacting manufacturers and plants to see if the factory can make what they consider to be the ideal microfiber towel. At the end of 2009, after several set backs and a long line of changes and research, they had a prototype that was ready to go onto the market. The name for their products was formed in this period of time, because their standards and demands for quality where “madness”. In the spring of 2010 Microfiber Madness launched their first products and have been perfecting their products ever since. In 2013 they created their first washmitt, and started to work with the term “Made in Germany”. An unofficial slogan they have been respecting ever since.

Microfiber Madness products

The people behind Microfiber Madness focus on quality, not quantity. They even use it as an official slogan. Focusing on quality might raise the price a little bit, but the professional will know how vital a proper microfiber towel is to the job at hand. When you wipe off polish residue, you don’t want to create new marks. When you dry a car with a towel you don’t want to make new marks or imperfections. You also need it to be as absorbing as possible.
Microfiber Madness creates several different towels, washmitts and accessories. At the time of writing they sell waffle weave towels, drying towels, buffing towels, a microfiber wheel brush, washmitt, washpad, sponge and a few towels for general use.
A remarkable product is the Dropnetic, which is a long flexible magnet, wrapped in a thick layer of microfiber cloth. This can be used to catch drops of water at places where you need it to stay dry.

Company information

Microfiber Madness is a German company, located in Waldems, Germany. They have their own company website and can often be seen on social media. They have their own Facebook page. They can sometimes even be found on detailing meetings and events and can be represented by webshops or resellers at events or meetings.

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