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Kestrel Equipment Ltd

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Kestrel is a brand originating from England, but owned by the French Deltalyo. Kestrel is a known manufacturer of many different tools for bodywork processes, including polishing machines. The most known one is probably the Kestrel DAS6 DA polisher.

Kestrel’s history

Kesterl Equipment Ltd started out in life as Algin Air Limited, and was established over 50 years ago in the mid 1950’s. A large focus has been on airguns, compressors and tools that are involved in the painting process. Eventually the range of products expanded to include products, tools and machines that where less aimed at the painting process but more on different tasks that can be performed by bodyshops.
Around 2007, the company merged with Deltalyo, a French company that has been offering products in the same market as Kestrel. Deltalyo own a few different brands, such as Valmy.

Kestrel’s products

Kestrel DAS6 Dual Action Polisher
Kestrel DAS6 Dual Action Polisher

Kestrel still manufacturers different tools and products under its own name, or under the Deltalyo brand. It also offers a wide variety of private label products, creating OEM products for other brands. Many of the Dual Action polishers that have been sold from 2050 till 2020 have been machines that where made by Kestrel, but relabelled for different brands. The Kestrel Dual Action polisher (“DAS6”) is possibly the most used and most copied tool.
Polishing machines are not the only tools made by Kestrel/Deltalyo. The brand offers a very wide range of products, tools and machines that are involved in the process of automotive painting and/or bodywork. The brand offers tools such as pneumatic drills, turbines, sprayguns, compressors, pressure pots and even airbrush tools.

Company information

Kestrel has its own company website. Deltalyo also has its own company website. Both brands are not active on Social Media and won’t been seen on detailing fora or detailing related message boards. The company is only seen on detailing events or meetings when represented by distributors and/or resellers.

Deltalyo logo
Deltalyo logo

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