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Premium Finish Care

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Premium Finish Care is an American based manufacturer of detailing products. They own several brands which are used to market their products. They don’t offer products under their own name.


Premium Finish Care history

Premium Finish Care was founded in 1985 in America. In 1989 they set up The Lab Zone, a white label company offering the service to create and manufacturer custom made products for relabeling purposes.

Premium Finish Care brands

Premium Finish Care is owner of several brands:

  • Sonus
  • Ultima
  • Four Star Products
  • Four Star Ultimate
  • Gel Coat Labs
  • Four Star Marine
  • Cycle Armor

They also offer a private label option, which allows other companies to place orders for the creation of detailing products. These products are then labelled by the other company to be sold under their own name. This service is offered by:
The Lab Zone.

Company information

Premium Finish Care has its own company website. They are not very active with their own brand, but do market the brands they own.They are not very active on Social Media or detailing related fora, and are only rarely seen on detailing/car care events.

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